Friday, November 18, 2011

"Oh hi! I'm Blair, I teach French in Baton Rouge, what do you teach?"

After a million 'Hi, I'm Blair, I teach French and live in Baton Rouge, who are you?", a million different vendors offering a million different things and a million language teachers electrifying the Colorado Convention Center with their energy and enthusiasm, the best summation about my feelings on ACTFL 2011 is this:

I love this profession (and conference!)

Where else would I get all of these wonderful online resources:

that will invite my students to interact with realia from the target culture? Most of these sites can even tailor and scaffold these resources for them!

Where else could I hear the words 'semiotics', 'L1', 'L2' and 'TL' and get to nerd out about their usage (and the implications of that usage in my classroom?) 90% target language usage? Yes, please!

And where else (or in what other profession), would waving flags and stop signs while dancing and talking about your favorite ice cream be considered 'on task' and 'working'? Totally 7th heaven.

Can you guess the 3 main workshops I attended today? There are strategic hints and bonus points if you can look at the ACTFL program and figure it out...

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